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How to make Almond Mylk Coffee
Aug 17

How to make Almond Mylk Coffee

How to make your own Almond Mylk Lattes?

Almond Milk

I love my morning lattes, well actually lets be honest I love my morning and afternoon lattes. I love them so much that sometimes I have more than two a day. This is my indulgence. The smell and taste of coffee makes me happy, so happy. So why almond milk lattes? Why not regular milk, or soya milk or carton long life almond milk? Why not? The reason I wanted to reconstruct my most favourite morning indulgence, COFFEE is because I didn’t want to give it up and my neat little Nespresso machine was calling out for some milk to froth.

Why Not Dairy Milk?

A few things happened around this time that simultaneously made me want to make the move to something healthier. I was watching loads of films about dairy, (don’t get me wrong I love dairy, in all its forms, from milk, cheese and yogurt) but I started to become super concerned about what was going into my milk. When I started to do my research I found out that some regular milk products in the UAE and globally are made from powdered milk, other times milk went through so many processes which included the addition of hormones, antibiotics, pasteurisation and even the addition of  titanium oxide (a whitening agent). I certainly didn’t want to be consuming those products, my body was in no way equipped to handle more stress (Rock climbing Accident – read a Yogi in recovery to learn about my story) .

Now I know that there are loads of organic dairy products out there, yet when I started to read a little more about these products many of them where flown from all over the world, with very different standards for what ‘organic’ and ‘farm fresh’ really meant. The last thing I wanted to do was help my body with an organic product from Australia yet contribute to some sort of environmental degradation from the transportation of my little milk carton flying all the way from Sydney to Dubai. The other option was to find local organic grass fed dairy cows in Dubai? Hmmm????  Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that dairy cows and the middle eastern desert don’t go hand in hand.

Why Not store bought Soya or Almond Milk?

Soya Milk had been another product that I had tried for a very long time, even when my tummy started getting upset with dairy, soy was my go to milk. However there were two downsides to this; 1. The majority of soy crops were now genetically engineered making many soy products GMO, even when organic products are being sold there can never be a guarantee that there wasn’t some sort of cross pollination. In addition to this soya milk was often heavily sweetened with sugar cane (also something I was trying to reduce from my diet)

2. Every time I walked through the supermarket isle and scanned the expiry dates of these long life milks it really bothered me that some of them had a shelf life of over a year.  No real food product can sit in a non refrigerated environment for over a year and be totally fine. What was in this frankenstein food that made it immune to the natural process of decay. Low and behold the ingredients list on the back read more like a preservative beverage that you would pour into your car rather than a drink you would ingest. Around about this time I started following the ‘Food Babe’ on Instagram, Vani Hari. Her little food investigations made me check out some of the ingredients of my ‘alternative milk list’. My most favourite alternative milk Almond mylk had the following ingredients: almond milk (filtered water and almond) calcium carbonate, tapioca starch, natural flavours, sea salt, potassium citrate, carrageenan, sunflower lecithin, vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin D2and D- alpha-tocopherol and sugar. Now lets be honest, who the hell knows what any of those ingredients actually are. So to save my body a lot of trouble I decided to make my own almond mylk minus the shit preservatives, frankenstein flavourings and sugar.

Make your own almond Mylk

What you need  (Four Ingredients only)

  • 1 cup of almonds
  • water
  • pink of sea salt
  • 1 date (only if you want it a little bit sweater)
  • Coffee (To make into a latte)

How you make it

  • Soak your cup of almond in water for a few hours.


  • Once the almonds are nice and fat, discard the water.


  • Place your cup of soaked almonds in a blender with 3 new cups of fresh water


  • Add a chopped up date and a pinch of sea salt if you want to make your mylk a little sweet.
  • Blend for 30 second


  • Using a nut bag strain the almond mylk through the nut bag to remove the pulp
  • Ta Da fresh almond Mylk with no junk.

The batch lasts for 2-3 days and must be refrigerated, but if you’re anything like me and need a daily dose of coffee it won’t last that long anyway.

  • To turn your mylk into a latte just add your favourite shot of coffee
  • I like to use my Nespresso machine as it can also froth my fresh almond mylk making it feel exactly like the real thing.
  • If you want an iced almond mylk latte simply add ice and a shot of coffee and blend for 30 seconds.

Enjoy your Almond Mylk.




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