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Eat Real Food
Aug 28

Eat Real Food

I remember a time in my life when I would read the marketing on a food product at the grocery store, if I read, ‘Nutritious’, healthy, Fat Free on the label, I would believe it, without a second thought. If enticing enough it would make its way into my shopping cart. However increasing my belief that all labels are honest and true is proving to need more investigation. Gone are the days when I can trust food labelling, instead on the rare occasions when I leave the periphery of the supermarket and venture inwards to the boxed, canned and bottled aisles out comes the investigator in me.

Why become a food investigator?

Our relationship to food is one that will last a life time, three to five meals a day, everyday for our entire existence. Now thats a really really long time and a vastly profound relationship, one that has the ability to affect every facet of our lives whether it be our libidos, our weight our confidence and self esteem, our relationships and careers and spirituality.

Lets all be honest for a second, and fess up to the fact that when we look good, we feel good, Right? Food plays a huge role in how we look and feel.

So becoming a food investigator is all about honouring the relationship we have with bodies. Simply put we are making sure that everything we put in our mouth is going to keep us looking and feeling great.

Now wouldn’t it be amazing if everything in our supermarkets also had that core value. Unfortunalty for many food companies its much more cost effective to make ‘food like products‘ out of cheap ingredients like corn, soya wheat, sugar, salt and flavouring to make it taste like food. They then add a whole lot of preservatives to fake food last years on the shelf without rotting.

This is great for the food companies and their pockets but sadly very very bad our bodies, and thus a huge contributor to the declining health of our communities.

Amy Kalafa, author, producer and founder of Two Angry Moms has coined the term “The scary SIX” for the main ingredients we should avoid in our foods


  1. Residues: Herbicides, Pesticides, Hormones and Antibiotics
  2. Flavourings; MSC, autolyzed yeast extract, hydrolysed protein and natural flavouring
  3. Other additives: preservatives, artificial colouring, thickeners and fillers
  4. The bad fats: hydrogenated oils
  5. Sweet Stuff: Sugar, artificial sweeteners
  6. Genetically Modified Food (GMO)

Why avoid the scary six?

Many of the ingredients on the scary six cause harm to your body, to put it simply residues are toxic compounds that can damage integral parts of our cells function. Hormones can also affect how our hormones function and hence contribute to weigh gain. Antibiotics disrupt the normal ecology of our bacterial flora which new research is suggesting is one of the most important elements to maintaining our normal weight as well as our immune function.

What should we eat?


Eating real food is easy and with a little label understanding its easy to learn when your about to buy a  Fake Frankenstein food or real food.

Real Food Rules

  1. Ethically raised meats fish and poultry (when animals are raise with proper room to move and sunlight and on their natural diets their meat will be healthier and tastier. Avoid meat that has been given antibiotics and hormones
  2. When ever possible buy organic fruits and vegetables as this greatly reduces the prevalence of herbicides and pesticides
  3. If  you don’t know what an ingredient is put it down, as its most likely riddled with the ‘Scary 6’
  4. Avoid Genetically Modified Food, in most cases this will be soya, wheat and corn.

If you eat real fresh food and avoid anything with the the scary six your on the path to health and wellbeing is made all that much easier.



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