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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique
Nov 29

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Life N One 

I’d been working at Life ‘N’ One a week, our management team all nestled on the office sofa, surrounded by chairs, water, green juices and almond lattes. The talk in the room was of the upcoming workshops and classes, I was getting a grip on what international therapists where visiting and what treatments were on offer.  “QHHT” was the chatter in the room and as I scanned through emails trying to figure out what “QHHT” meant, my expression gave away the uncertainty in my thoughts.

Eda, perceptibly read the expression of dismay on my face and started to explain what “QHHT” is, Quantum Healing Hypnosis” is a 3-4 hour hypnosis session split into three sections; The first hour you discuss the history of your life and any “homework’ questions  you have regarding particular people or events in your past, present or future. The next part of the session, Alexandra, puts you in a state of hypnosis (this is a very relaxed sleep like state in which you are consciously aware yet focused on your imagination as if you are watching a dream unfold before you). At this point you are guided to see any past lives, which may assist you in answering any questions you have in your present life. In the last section you connect with your higher consciousness and start answering your “homework” questions.

Eda stood up, pressed her arm forward for the entire room to see, ”Ahh, I have goose bumps” Caroline! You need to do this”, she said. “Okay” I said, without a second thought. When my whole healing journey started I had decided to be as open with my treatments as I could, everything merited exploration.  If the opportunity to do something, anything that might help me heal my body or mind, came up, then why not try it. Here I had an opportunity to delve deeper into my subconscious than I had ever been before. I wasn’t even sure I believed in past lives. It wasn’t like I was closed minded to the idea, I just never gave it much thought or had any experience I could draw from. I was curious to see what time and place I was travelling back to and who I had been in those lives. Yet what I was most sceptical about was understanding how travelling back to those past lives, was going to help the me, of today?

“Great”, Eda exclaimed and immediately booked me in for the last remaining sessions in Alexandra’s schedule.

“Your booked for tomorrow”

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 

I woke up, with butterflies in my stomach, it took me almost 30 minutes to decide what to wear, do I need to be comfortable or will I be asleep? I had never been hypnotised before and only ever watched people get hypnotised on TV and subsequently get turned into chickens. I didn’t want to be chicken.  I stared at the email Alexandra had sent the evening before. The email was titled “Homework”, and in the body of the email I was instructed to write 10 questions about my own life that I wanted answers to. I wrote the big ones first, “what is my life purpose”, “whats was the purpose of my accident”, do I have any unfinished karma? Is my mum okay? The list grew and grew steadily. When I emptied myself of questions, I tore the page from the note pad and drove to Life N One.

Alexandra was waiting for me at the reception and together we walked slowly to the back garden and entered the therapy rooms nestled in the back. I sat on the sofa, and Alexandra in front of me, formalities aside she asked me for my paper with my life questions. Alex unwrinkled the sheet and scanned through, “Life purpose”,  good, she said as her eyes scanned through my list. There were questions from every facet of my life, accident, mum, dad, husband, accident, family, accident, body, accident, life purpose, accident, work. When we were done Alexandra prepared the room, lit candles turned the lights off, and arranged the pillows so that I could lie down on the sofa. Immediately I started to sweat, “please don’t be a chicken” I said to myself in the back of my mind.

Alexandra guided me through a relaxation process and once I was “under hypnosis” she started a visualisation exercise. “You are walking on a path filled with trees on either side, a clearing is approaching in the distance. As you approach the clearing you see a pyramid of white translucent light. Walk towards the pyramid of light until your body is within its protection”. Alexandra spoke calmly, the tone of her voice had changed, it became like a low hum in the back of my mind and in-front of me the images her voice announced would appear as if a fog had lifted on a scene which had been there for centuries. “You see a figure approach”  “Identify the person”Alexandra said.

My dad was standing before me, as I remembered him, his dark brown hair swept over his brow, with jeans and a white t-shirt . He was standing in front of me. In Spanish he started speaking, calling me the nickname he invented and saying so much, the emotion of it, of hearing his voice and seeing his face, rose through my chest and immediately tears streamed down my face. I lay there, speechless taking every moment in.

I could hear his voice as clearly as I hear Alexandra’s and in my mind I spoke back. Saying everything  that really mattered. After a few minutes, I heard Alexandra say “This person’s energy is going to take you to the most appropriate time and place for us to examine and explore today and to get some answers to your life questions”. Tears continued to stream down my face. “Look after your mum” were the last words he said as Alexandra’s voice echoed and the images began to fade.



Everything became black, in the distance blue stars appeared like specs under an immense vast darkness. The space around me began to take shape until the images sharpened and I realised I was in outer space. An immense universe was unfolding before my eyes, with planets, stars and nebulas appearing. I look down at myself, noticing I have no shape or form but I am simply a conscious beam of light travelling through the galaxy. I know the destination even though I cannot see it. I am heading to a far away planet, on the outer rim of the galaxy, a black planet, surrounded by a red rim. I’m not afraid, despite the darkness and the vastness. Instead I feel immense peace, knowing and bliss, I feel like I am home, like I’m supposed to be here. Seeing the universe, its enormity and beauty, all together and me being part of it. Immediately I know I am a part of something so harmonious. The tears on my cheeks dry, as I lie there happy, immersed in the beauty of the universe. Softly I hear Alexandra’s voice, “You are now gently floating to another appropriate time and place”, and immediately the images before me begin to recede.


 I look down at my hands and see they are covered with thick course hair, my feet are bare, my skin is dark, like the hide of an animal. I walk through forest, dirt and lush evergreens  until the shore appears, I see the ocean and stone pebbles dotted on white sand. I walk into the ocean in front of me. When the water is at my hips I dive in and swim, towards a small rock pool with hundreds of little fish. I see my hands reach forward and pluck one, squeeze it in the palm of my hands and swim back to shore. I take the fish, now flapping in my hand and beat it gently to a stone. In one movement it is lifeless. I take it into my mouth and rip its flesh, swallowing segments whole.

I can hear Alexandra’s voice, “Can you go to the most important day of this persons life” Like a film on fast forward, images flash through my mind. I realise, I’m a man, I am in a partnership with a woman and I see her protruding belly before me.

“Can you go to the last day of this persons life” Alexandra says, softly.

Images flash one after the other. I have three boys, one has died long ago from a spear in the abdomen. I am extremely sad, all my children have passed and my partner I know has also died long ago. I am sitting on the edge of the beach, listening to the ocean, knowing each of its whispers as if it talks into my being. I look down at my hands and the hair on them is silver, the skin wrinkled and weathered. I lay down, feel the wind, and hear the trees rustling. I close my eyes and feel the beating of a heart with in. I know instantly I am dying, and for a second there is resistance. The earth holding me tightly and I holding back. Within a few moments I let go to a universe holding me as I become a part of it again and within seconds there is nothing but knowingness, bliss and peace.

“You are now gently floating to another appropriate time and place” Alexandra softly said, almost whispering.


I flick my fin and splash at the surface of the ocean, feel the softness of waves undulating above me and hear as the ocean speaks to me. I know it all already, everything all at once. I am a whale submerged in the vast ocean, peering up to blue skies.


Its a funny thing, to know other lives, feel their truth and know their meaning. As I lay there on the sofa, still under hypnosis, answering all the questions I had, hours before not known any answers to, I wonder what sleeping be-ing had been awoken. Was this all a figment of my imagination? A concoction of my subconscious mind, simply finding the best way to tell a version of me, wrapped in the nitty gritty, the truth it already knew. Or was I really travelling back in time to other lives I had lived?

Albeit that non of us will ever really know. At the time I wasn’t clear how travelling back in time had helped me understand today. It all just seemed a bit bizarre and  then thirteen days later at 2:30 in the afternoon in a Sydney hospital my mother passed away. Suddenly it all made sense, the space traveller, the prehistoric man, the whale.

I wonder were each of these past lives I had visited there to show me she would be okay or did my subconscious already know and was it trying to prepare me for what lay ahead.





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