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Heal with Vitamin C
Jan 09

Heal with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most readily available Vitamins on the market. Its been around since the dawn of the health store supplementation boom and although its common knowledge that vitamin C helps fight against minor cold and flu’s it is still highly undervalued for its ability to help our bodies recover from major chronic diseases and injuries. In the last few years many physicians have deemed Vitamin C  a super vitamin, administering it to terminally ill cancer patients  intravenously and watching their health improve significantly. Whether your looking to maintain optimal health or looking for ways to aid your  recovery in any way, here are some simple facts that may help you understand how this vitamin works and how we can safely take it.

In order to properly understand the mechanism of vitamin C, lets first take a look at the basic mechanisms of health and ill health. From a energy level and when I say energy I don’t mean the “energy” of sitting in a circle holding hands and thinking about love and light, (although I’m sure it is useful) but what we are talking about here is the basics of chemistry and a little theory called the “Electron Flow Theory’

Electron Flow Theory

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the brilliant scientist who won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for his discovery of vitamin C, also published a theory asserting that energy exchange in the body can only occur when there is an imbalance of electrons among different molecules. Natural electron donators give up electrons to natural electron acceptors.

Szent-Gyorgyi theorised that dead tissue would no longer exchange electrons or allow any flow to take place.Another way of viewing this is that brisk electron flow equals health, and poor electron flow equals disease, whereas no electron flow equals death.

What happens when we loos electrons – Oxidation

Oxidation involves the loss of electrons, and an antioxidant like vitamin C counters this process by supplying electrons. The local loss of electrons (oxidation) represents the first point of cellular or tissue degeneration, or the metabolic breakdown, of the tissue. An antioxidant can serve to immediately restore this loss of electrons, repairing the oxidised tissue.

What is Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an organic compound which basically means it contains Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen all bound together. In most animals the liver (our main organ for detoxification) converts Glucose via 4 sequential enzymes into L-Ascorbate Acid. However human beings along with many other primates, bats and ginny pigs are missing this essential fourth enzyme (Two-Keto gluonlacton). Therefore we, along with our primate cousins cannot make Vitamin C on our own, relying solely on food as a source of this essential nutrient.

Why do our bodies need Vitamin C?

Our bodies are made up of hundreds of thousands of cells all interacting with each other electrically, through the exchange of electrons and chemically. In normal day to day life, external stressors in our environment, things like microorganisms, radiation from the sun, chemicals in our food and water, pharmaceutical drugs, emotional and physical stress and various others, virtually rob the molecules in our cells of electrons, (oxidative stress)  thus causing damage to our cells, their tissue and our organs. Our bodies have natural mechanisms for repair primarily  through our immune system, however when these mechanisms are over burdened or compromised we get sick. If these mechanisms of repair are comprimised over a long period of time, antioxidants like vitamin C become depleted and our bodies do not have the ability to counteract the electron loss and are unable to repair the tissue damage. Over decades this can lead to the development of serious chronic illnesses. The importance of Vitamin C is lies in its ability to donate electrons to areas that have been damaged by oxidative stress.



Helping your body heal itself

If you are trying to restore your body to optimal health visit your health professional and ask them about supplementing with vitamin C.

  • Oral supplementation 1,000 mg
  • Intravenously  7-15grams
  • Eating fruits and vegetables
  • Adding natural vitamin C powders to your water or smoothies


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