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About Us


A Life of Energy is a spirited Pilates and lifestyle company, founded in 2012 by Australian health expert Caroline Leon. Specialising in Pilates teacher training courses within Dubai.


It provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to developing the best budding Pilates teachers in the region. Aloe has enriched its programs with online workshops, interactive manuals and our video sections to help students get the best education possible.

In 2016 Caroline survived a traumatic rock climbing accident, spending months in hospital and over a year of rehabilitation. This propelled Caroline and A Life of Energy to start a food and health guide based on all the holistic and allopathic methods of healing Caroline has tried, In the hope that these guides will help others not only find the right health information but to transform their lives.


Teacher Training’s

If you are interested in Pilates and want to start a new career then this is the Instructor
Training program for you. Lead by Pilates Moves Faculty Teacher Caroline Leon.


At Aloe we offer in house and online workshops on health, nutrition, and transforming your body with pilates.

Nutrition Coaching

Aloe offers one to one tailor made nutrition coaching, either for a one off session or
sign up to our 6 month program all to get your mind body and kitchen clean and healthy.

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