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Yoga Chaturanga Workshop

So today, we’re going back to basics. We are going to fine-tune your alignment, and whatever you take away from today are seeds to be planted in your practice for tomorrow. And I invite you to listen, feel and stay focused. I ask you to put aside all that you’ve learned so far about this pose, and approach it with new eyes and ears. Once you feel it, then you decide how it feels in your body and go from there. I am only offering you a tool to take with you as you progress in your own practice.
• Chaturanga Dandasana~ 4-Limbed Staff Pose
• According to Roger Cole, PhD & Iyengar teacher in Southern California he states that “Shoulders are designed for Mobility, rather than Stability.” Shoulder joints allow for a large range of motion, moreso than in the hips, “but the relatively loose joint relies on a delicate web of soft tissue to hold it together, which makes it more vulnerable to injury.”

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