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Caroline Leon

Fully Certified | Dubai
Caroline Leon is the Founder of A Life of Energy. fitness lover, foodie and mum to a gorgeous husky Maxie. This Australian born health enthusiast is a Pilates Teacher Trainer with Pilates Moves, Yoga teacher, Health Coach and holds a BA Med. Sc., and Grad. Dip. International Health

Kerryn Smith

ALOE Mat and Reformer | Australia
Kerryn is a mother of two and an avid Pilates teacher. Together with her husband Gavin, this Pilates duo are opening a new studio in Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Oxygen Pilates

Gavin Smith

ALOE Mat and Reformer | Australia
Gavin and his gorgeous wife Kerryn are both Pilates enthusiast, turned Pilates pros’s and now this amazing duo own their very own studio in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Oxygen Pilates.

Karla Torbay

ALOE Mat and Reformer | Dubai
Karla is the co-founder of the retreat collection, a luxury wellness company who’s aim is to offer transformational and inspiring retreats around the world.

Dalila Tobias

ALOE Reformer | Dubai
Dalila is a yogi, and Pilates teacher, working all over Dubai shinning her special form of magic to her students.

Deena Zraicat

ALOE Mat 1 & 2 and Reformer 1 & 2 | Dubai
Deena graduated from the Pilates teacher Training in 2015-16 and in the short time she has been teaching has a strong presence in many studios across Dubai. Deena’s classes are creative fun and challenging.

Dragana Curcic

Mat 1,2 and Reformer 1,2 | Dubai
Dragana graduated from the Pilates teacher Training in 2015-16. Starting off as a shy teacher Dragana has now blossomed into an enthusiastic challenging teacher with spirited classes.

Elisa Fausto

Mat Level 1,2, Small Apparatus | Dubai
Elisa is the co-owner of the greatly successful Inspire Yoga and Pilates Studio on SZR Dubai. This buzzing hub of hot yoga is Dubai’s new centre for all things Yoga. We are so proud of this girl. Check out


Mat 1,2,3 and Reformer 1,2 | Dubai
Ha is a certified Matwork and Reformer Pilates instructor through the ALOE training program in partnership with Pilates Moves Australia. Today Ha is a vibrant, bustling Pilates instructor in demand across several studios in Dubai.

Helen Briones

Mat 1,2,3, Small Apparatus & Reformer 1 | Dubai
After spending the last 20 years in the airline business Helen has retired from flying and is now a full time Pilates Instructor, photographer and budding home cook. Helen is the photographer behind many of the ALOE photos on the website and social media.

Joleen Nash

Reformer 1, 2 | Dubai
Joleen is a mother of two gorgeous boys, Photographer and Pilates Reformer pro specialising in pre and post natal as well as mummy and me classes across Dubai.

Karen Stewart

ALOE Mat 1 | Al Ain
Karen is the mother of four lovely children by day and an avid Pilates enthusiast turned teacher.
If your looking for Pilates in the little emirate of Al Ain then get in touch with Karen.

Juree Clink

ALOE Mat 1 & 2 | Dubai

Juree is a yogi at heart, mother and healer. With a passion for all things fitness, Juree jumps to discover and learn all about the human body and its potential. Her classes are deeply connected to the holistic body and the mind.

Kristin Foster

ALOE Mat 1& 2, Reformer 1 & 2 | Dubai
Kristin foster is a fitness force to be reckoned with and with a body to match. This girl choreographs the most athletic, creative and fun classes around Dubai. Only new to teaching, yet unstoppable she is in high demand in all the best studios across Dubai. We are super proud of her achievements and success as its a true sign of what you can do when you set your mind to it.

Marianne Tafani

Matwork 1,2, and Reformer 1,2 | Dubai
The lovely Marianne is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher rocking sessions at the Pilates Accademy and Piloga. She is nurturing, and gentle to clients with injuries and tough on those looking for a great workout. This girl is on fire and has transformed her life and career this last year and is now a full time Pilates teacher.

Marie Claire Accordino

ALOE Mat 1 & 2, Reformer 1 & 2 | Dubai

This social butterfly is a chartered accountant and fashionista with a flair for numbers and a passion for fashion
Not only is this girl a business owner of the Accounts Dept but she is the writer for the edgy “Numbers are Sexy” blog. On top of that she has a rocking body and is one of of first ALOE pilates teacher training student.

Miriam Vadillo

Matwork 1,2,3 and Reformer 1,2 | Dubai
Just a few years ago Miriam was a Marine biologist working at the Dubai Aquarium with a dream of becoming a pilates Instructor. Today Miriam is a full time teacher and founder of

Nesrine Ghaddar

ALOE Mat 1,2 & 3, Reformer 1 & 2 | Beiruit, Lebanon
Having turned to Pilates to heal her lower back, Nesrine is now one of the top Pilates teachers in Beiruit. With a deep understanding of injuries and a nurturing capacity to make even the hardest exercises accessible to all, we hope to see this amazing teacher open her very own studio. Fingers Crossed.

Ruth Bronowski

ALOE Matwork 1 & 2 and Reformer 1 &2 | Dubai
At first Ruth was as shy as a turtle in her shell, but throughout the program we have seen Ruth flourish. Her flawless technique, and inner passion for Pilates resonates throughout every class she teaches. Today Ruth is successfully running a private Pilates practice from her home, with clients dedicated to her programs, and inventive ways of making the pilates practice truly individual for everyone.

Silvi Walling

Matwork 1,2, 3 and Reformer 1,2 | Berlin, Germany
Our dearest Silvi is a master of all traits, once a professional dancer now turned yoga and Pilates instructor, Silvi teaches with her soul. Her nurturing nature makes her truly loveable. This girl is simply fabulous and we are so proud to call her an ALOE instructor.

Slavica Tollic

Mat 1 & 2, Reformer 1 & 2 | Dubai
If your looking to work hard and laugh even harder then this is the teacher to go to. A full time Pilates Instructor at Exhale Body Fitness in JBR, this little gem has a body to envy and a sense of humour that makes even the toughest workout bearable.

Yousra Shaher

Mat 1 & 2, Reformer 1 & 2 | Dubai
With this body you would never believe that this gorgeous woman is the mother of two. A former architect Yousra is now a full time Pilates teacher at Piloga in Buisness bay. Her classes are challenging and fun, with a spirt an heart of gold this lovely lady can make anyone transform their lives through Pilates.

Olivia McCRossan

Mat 1 & 2, Reformer 1 & 2 | Dubai
This Irish beauty and mother of two turned Pilates pro, is one of our newest teachers and already she is building a thriving home studio, teaching clients with many different goals and restrictions. Olivia is caring, nurturing and dedicated to giving her clients the best support as they overcome injuries and reach their fitness goals. We are so proud of her achievements. Cant wait to see what this woman conquers next.

Sarah Hacket

Matwork | Dubai
Sarah is a born Yogi, and now with her beautiful new baby boy, Sarah dedicates her time sharing post natal Yoga and Pilates exercises to regain strength and that pre baby body. This lovely lady is the founder of and is set to do amazing things with her new experience of mother hood.

Aisha Basova

ALOE Matwork 1 | Dubai
Aisha was introduced to Hatha yoga & Trancendental Meditation (TM) in 2003 becoming a certified Yoga teacher in a Yoga Ashram in India, Mysore. Aisha’s interest also include yoga therapy & esoteric side of yoga as well as other different energy healing modalities such as Reiki ( 2 levels) , Jin Shin Jyutsu and Pilates.

Claire Falconer

ALOE Matwork 1 | Dubai
This Australian beauty is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. A health ambassador and truly inspirational girl follow claire on

Yousra El Miniawy

ALOE Reformer | Dubai
Yousra joined our 2016 Reformer program and is set to continue her Pilates training. Yousra is a diligent teacher eager to learn everything there is to know about Pilates. Teaching well programmed classes that are fun and creative we can’t wait to see Yousra as a full time teacher.

Farrah Grey

ALOE Reformer | Dubai
Beauty marketing specialist, desserts addict, lipstick lover and reformer pilates enthusiast. Lives by this quote; 'the best richness is richness of the soul."

Gabriella Luccocq

Mat 1 and Reformer 1 | Dubai
Gaby is currently working at Flywheel Sports as Marketing and Communications Manager, as well as a fully trained Pilates mat and reformer instructor. She is a fitness fanatic and a true passion for health and wellness.

Hayley Brown

Mat and Reformer | Abu Dhabi
Hayley is a gorgeous personal trainer living and working in Abu Dhabi, this fitness fanatic and Pilates teacher is a little health guru with an amazing body and heart to match.

Hessa Rashed

ALOE Mat 1 and Reformer 1 | Dubai
Hessa is a true humanist and mother of two french bulldogs. A animal rights advocate, pilates teacher, intellect and health guru, this girl is simply amazing and we are so excited to see what the future holds for this amazing human.

Julian Grey

ALOE Reformer | Dubai
Ex-professional English Premier league footballer and sports enthusiast, especially tennis and pilates. Loves dogs and is known for giving out good advice.

Sarah El Degwy

ALOE Matwork & Reformer| Dubai
Sarah joined our 2016 Mat and Reformer program and is set to continue her Pilates training. Sarah is a diligent teacher eager to learn everything there is to know about Pilates. Now awaiting the birth of her baby, we cannot wait to see what this girl gets up to with her new experience of mother hood.

Maja Pesci

ALOE Reformer Level 1| Dubai
Maja is a certified Pilates Instructor, specialising in prenatal fitness, injuries & rehabilitation. Maja helps clients to regain strength, flexibility and control through her carefully structured classes and workouts, this teacher is able to cater to every level of fitness.

Jowita Szablowska

ALOE reformer | Dubai
After years working in Events Jowita is finally pursuing her passion for Pilates and this year will move into teaching full time. We are so excited for this energetic and diligent teacher to make her mark in the fitness industry.